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Thank you for stopping at our website. We offer math, reading, science and writing programs focused on helping children ages 3-18 catch up, keep up, get ahead and succeed.

Bright Minds is an all-inclusive learning center, which aims to train children to become more confident, creative, and self-reliant learners, and to excel in all areas of studies and achieve higher goals

Whether parents are looking for remedial help for their child or pure enrichment, we can help. Our program started after many years of running a franchised program where it was a one shoe fits all philosophy. Our program is affordable and individualized to fit every child's needs and every parents budget. Bright Minds goal is to provide the necessary tools and methods needed for academic success and help children succeed.

"Brighter Minds......Brighter Future"

The Bright Minds program is designed to provide mastery learning in both math and reading comprehension. Building confidence and developing focus step-by-step, our program creates a solid foundation for all children.

Children attend the center once or twice a week for class and take work home to be completed on a daily basis, much like music lessons are practiced daily.

A few minutes of disciplined study really pays off. Our goal is to develop independent learning skills in preparation for middle and high school studies.

Parental involvement is essential for success in our program. Children need encouragement and praise at home to make sure the work is completed. Together we can help your child get to the top of the class and succeed.

In The News:

Our High Scorers:

Congratulations to our high scorers on the recent ACT exam. A few scored 8 points higher and are now  eligible for huge scholarships as well as entrance to good colleges!

Parents, don't wait until last minute to start preparing for your child's ACT/SATs -

Act now!!

Congratulations to all our Honor Roll Students. From struggling to Honor Roll, many of you have shown that hard work really pays off. Keep up the good work!!

Our staff are certified, qualified, nurturing and very passionate. They are always ready to serve and help children succeed!

Listen to our Happy Student!

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Excellence Beyond the Classroom

Our unique curriculum expands from the preschool to high school level.
Whether parents are looking for remedial or enrichment for their children, we have many programs available for their children.

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