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Our Mission: Academic Enrichment

At Bright Minds, we are passionate about every child's academic success. Our goals are to take struggling students, nurture them, guide them and help them succeed. Our nurturing environment and enthusiastic staff are a great addition to help us achieve our goals.


+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Club
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Junior Achievement 

+ Spanish

+ Art

+ ACT/SAT Prep

+ Plus a whole lot more!



Does your young pre reader have trouble learning his letter names and sounds? Does he/she guess at words instead of sounding them out? Then our program, “Learning to Read” is just right for him.


Learning to Read means breaking the alphabetic code. Our word builder booklets provide a step-by-step program with ample practice that allows the student to combine phonetic sounds to decode words.

Research concludes that students who are skilled decoders are shown to have increased fluency and improved comprehension.

The Dolch sight words are also included in the program. Since these words are studied in first and second grades, children who master them have a good base for beginning reading.


Our reading program begins with an early comprehension series designed to promote reading for meaning while developing new vocabulary. The curriculum continues with a nonfiction series that contains a great variety in subject matter and excellent thinking questions. Students are required to find the main idea, identify sequence and match vocabulary words to meanings.


Research has shown that a strong vocabulary is essential for reading comprehension. Our vocabulary program creates challenging activities to advance and strengthen basic language skills. Our more advanced vocabulary series consists of carefully selected words taken from literature, textbooks and SAT prep books. We start working on vocabulary from the beginning to in order to build solid foundation for reading comprehension and writing.



Our Grammar program is very thorough with full of activities to solidify the mechanics of grammar.


We put a lot of support on writing and comprehension on an on going basis.



Our math program is designed to achieve mastery of computational skills leading to success in high

school and college math. Mastery equals confidence speed and accuracy in our program.

Materials are arranged sequentially from the beginning number sense through high school algebra and geometry. Our individualized pacing benefits children of all ages and abilities. Each concept is practiced until real mastery is achieved. Through the daily and practice students advance in small manageable increments while improving

their concentration, developing better study skills and increasing their confidence.


Oral drills complement the daily written work and facilitate memorization of basic math facts. Finger counting, reliance on calculators and other crutches hinder the success for higher level of math and make higher level math study very difficult. Thus focus on mastery of math facts is very important.


We also address the grade level word problems beginning at KG level and standardized test preparation with each child beginning at 2nd grade level. We want our kids to be confident, ready and relaxed  in all their math experiences.


We help children with their school homework as needed.


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Bright Minds Learning Center offers a variety of learning programs for children ages 2-18. Whether parents are looking for remedial or enrichment, we have many programs available to fit every child's needs and every parent's budget.

ACT/SAT Prep, Math Enrichment, Language Arts, Writer's Block, Kid's Coding, Spanish, Junior Bright, School Readiness, etc. 

Check out our ACT/SAT Super-Prep! We have helped many students score higher, get into their dream college, and be eligible to earn scholarships, A Complete Prep: Affordable, Effective, Individualized, Nurturing, One-on-One, and Thorough.       

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Bright Minds Learning Academy strives to be an educational institute serving students at both ends of academic skill spectrum, from challenged to advanced students. We pride ourselves in improving students' study skills and making them academically successful as well as helping them with their overall development. Our programs have been developed with much consideration and consultation from elite educators and experts.  Bright Mind’s programs provide a holistic approach to learning with structured activities. It's an all inclusive learning program for ages 2-18.

Our curriculum is aligned with Common Core standards.

Teaching Students Common Core Learning Style


Bright Minds teaches students how to efficiently and effectively implement outlining, editing, and expressing more complex thoughts and ideas. Vocabulary enrichment and responding to essay questions are part of the curriculum for students 3-12 grades.

GOAL SETTING for 2023: Set Higher Goals and let's work hard to reach them.

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